Sliding deeper into the mire

The publication of photographs showing former Culture Minister general secretary Christos Zachopoulos, who recently tried to commit suicide, in intimate encounters with his assistant is one more step down the slippery slope. What is worse is that everyone knows it will not be the last step. Public life is sinking deeper into the mire, which is taking on shades of pink or gray. The country is being rocked by a scandal that no one knows anything about. An erotic tryst has brought to the surface all the chronic problems that have long festered beneath the foundations of public life. The situation does not bode well. But it can provide an opportunity to ponder how we arrived here. This is the only way to overcome the crisis. However, Greek society does have antibodies. The announcement by the Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR) is proof of this, coming under the apt heading: «Enough is enough!»