February 15, 1958

BOMB AT JUSTICE MINISTRY: A ban issued by judiciary officials on the publication of any information regarding an attempt to blow up the Justice Ministry with dynamite and the arrest of the perpetrator Ioannis Koronakis has been lifted and all relevant information has been released to the press. The attempted attack occurred on November 17, 1956, and was foiled accidentally. JORDAN-IRAQ:Washington, 14 – An agreement between the kings of Iraq and Jordan, founding the Arab Federated State, was signed today in Amman. HOT FEBRUARY: The amazingly fair weather for this time of year is continuing. February seems more like April, unless surprises are in store. ROME OLYMPIAD: According to an announcement by the president of the Italian Olympic Committee in charge of organizing the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, intensive efforts are under way to complete the Olympic Village before that year. According to the committee president, Giulio Onesti, Rome’s municipal council is responsible for the delay, as, for some unknown reason, it will not approve the plans. Some sporting venues are already being refurbished.