When is a board not a board?

Once again the board of directors of one of the biggest companies in Greece was unable to convene because certain Public Power Corporation unionists did not allow it to. One can only ask, who is running this company? The shareholders via the board of directors or the unionists via their tactics? The problem here is not whether the PPC board met or not. The problem concerns business activity in Greece overall. If companies are not allowed to operate properly because a handful of unionists – violating the justifiable right to protect workers’ rights – prevent this from happening, why should we even bother try to attract foreign investment to Greece? When someone knows that even board meetings are dependent on certain unionists, why would they ever set up shop in Greece? Such occurrences must cease. They are harming PPC and the country. The lawful right to convene is not something that should be up for negotiation. If these unionists do not understand this, we certainly hope that the authorities do, because it is their job to enforce the law.