February 28, 1958

GOVERNMENT CRISIS: The announcement by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis of a decision to table in Parliament a draft electoral law, in agreement with the Liberals, to introduce a reinforced proportional system, has led to the resignation of two ministers – Minister for Transport and Public Works Georgios Rallis and Trade and Industry Minister Panayiotis Papaligouras. The resignations were accepted by the prime minister, who will appoint their replacements by the end of the day. There will be a government reshuffle right after Parliament passes the new electoral law. In his letter of resignation, Rallis claims that the new law would boost the Left and that he would vote against it but remain within the ruling National Radical Union (ERE). Papaligouras, however, gave more general reasons for his resignation, saying that the government was not functioning properly as the Cabinet had not discussed the most important issues nor did Parliament deal swiftly with pending bills. Papaligouras did not specify whether he would stay within the ruling party. The new law requires that to be included in the second count, individual parties would require 25 percent of the vote, and coalitions 35 percent.