University elections and blackmail

No one can disagree with the demands of university deans for better funding, nor with five-year degrees being awarded the equivalent of a master’s. What has caused a stir is that deans are also asking for academia and the state to submit to the blackmail of a handful of party-affiliated student union leaders who are trying, with the use of force, to cancel upcoming university elections. The request is completely ludicrous. No self-respecting society can accept illegality to spread for fear of even greater crimes being committed. No civil process can be canceled just because certain individuals – on the pretext of carrying out an act of resistance – try to stop the democratic election of a dean by every member of the student body rather than party representatives within universities, as was the case in the past. If the government yields to these demands and gives in to the blackmail, the only way to go will be down. All the way down, until even hardcore outlaws such as the Zoniana drug lords demand that they be left alone to conduct their business.