March 1, 1958

GOVERNMENT CRISIS: Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis briefed King Pavlos yesterday on the political developments arising from the resignations of two ministers, Minister for Transport and Public Works Georgios Rallis and Trade and Industry Minister Panayiotis Papaligouras, the former due to a proposed change to the electoral law and the latter over general differences with the government. During the long meeting, Karamanlis briefed the king on the positions he is to take on the matter. Pending the government reshuffle due to take place right after the electoral law is passed, yesterday Triantafyllos Triantafyllakos was sworn in yesterday as minister for transport and public works and Leon Dertilis as trade and industry minister. Welfare Minister Lena Tsaldari, reported in the press as planning to resign, said last night she had not considered such a move. In statements last night, the prime minister expressed his absolute optimism that reports of a caretaker government or any other proposal should give rise for concern and that no other solution was possible apart from an election. If the law introducing a reinforced proportional system was not passed in Parliament, then elections would be held under the existing system.