May 19, 1958

STATE OF EMERGENCY: Paris, 16 – The government of Pierre Pflimlin, which by an unprecedented majority of 461 votes to 114 from the right-wing parties has declared a state of emergency, has begun arresting suspects. Algeria appears to be completely cut off from the French metropolis and more and more civilian authorities are being replaced by the military. FRENCH CRISIS: Paris, 17 – The most astounding development yesterday was the departure of Jacques Soustelle, a close associate of General Charles de Gaulle and one of the protagonists in the policy of intransigence in Algeria. Soustelle and other right-wing leaders managed to reach Algeria via Spain where Soustelle addressed a large and enthusiastic crowd. More explosions occurred in Paris, one resulting in several deaths. Members of the French government visited General De Gaulle, who is to hold a press conference in Paris on Monday. There are conflicting and unconfirmed reports regarding the stance and the fate of senior French military officers. The Cabinet is expected to hold an emergency meeting late tonight. MEANWHILE IN GREECE: The new government, led by the leader of the National Radical Union Constantine Karamanlis, was sworn in yesterday.