June 9, 1958

DEMARCHE TO NATO: As the NATO Council convened in Paris yesterday for a two-hour confidential meeting to examine Greek charges regarding Turkish vandalism in Cyprus and other hostile actions by Turkey, the government of Constantine Karamanlis issued a demarche to all ambassadors of NATO powers and took all the appropriate political and military measures to ensure the country’s security. An official announcement was issued stating that Turkish military movements were probably aimed at creating an impression and that the Greek army was on the alert, ready to repulse any attack. CYPRUS: New York, May 17 – According to sources in Washington, the US government hopes that its allies Greece and Turkey, bearing in mind the situation in France and Algeria and the events in Lebanon that are shaking the foundations of NATO, will settle the Cyprus issue in order to close the breach on the eastern flank of Western defense. LOGOTHETIDIS IN THE USA: New York, May 17 – Yesterday evening saw the premiere at Carnegie Hall of the Logothetidis Theater Company’s production of Spyros Melas’s play «Coach to Texas.» The performance was a triumphant success.