The truth needs to come out

Despite the strong interest shown by the public in seeing plenty of light shed on the scandal involving government officials receiving bribes from electronics giant Siemens, all indications point to the fact that the investigation into these allegations has floundered. According to sources, the evidence is there but has not been seized upon by prosecutors, while witnesses who are ready to talk are not being invited to do so. The Siemens scandal is a festering sore in Greece’s political life. If it is not cleansed by the Greek justice system, it will grow into a cancer that will threaten the three pillars of democracy. This is why the prime minister’s promise for a full enquiry with complete transparency into the case must be honored. The people of Greece have reached the end of their tether; they cannot take any more issues being swept under the carpet. They already feel disdain for the political system and politicians, and we can only hope that the same does not happen with the judiciary as well.