Seven days at a time

Dear Reader, The journalists, editors and publishers of Kathimerini English Edition are proud to offer you a new weekly English-language newspaper – Athens Plus. From today, the newspaper will be on sale at newsstands and will be offered, free of charge, to subscribers to the International Herald Tribune-Kathimerini English Edition. The new paper, published by the joint venture of Kathimerini-International Herald Tribune SA, is proof of our commitment to producing newspapers of high quality at a time when newspapers are on the defensive against the Internet and the free press. As our paper’s name suggests, we aim to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to what is happening in Athens as well as across the whole country; we believe that this will be valuable both for visitors and for people who live here. We intend to keep adapting our content to suit the needs of our readers, so that our paper becomes an indispensible companion to anyone interested in what is going on in Greece. But whether living here or just passing through, readers also need to be informed of the news and issues that are shaping Greece – whether this be an earthquake such as the one we had last Sunday, or long-running stories such as the need to reform our education, health and pension systems. Our newspaper is the product of the talented and dedicated team that has been bringing Kathimerini’s English Edition to you Monday through Saturday over the last 10 years. Regular readers will be aware that earlier this month we consolidated the content of our English Edition into fewer pages and incorporated the paper into the International Herald Tribune. After 10 years of Kathimerini English Edition’s life as a separate entity, it was a difficult change to make. But we made it happily, convinced that the release of journalistic talents, experience and resources would allow us to provide a broader range of readers with more material than we could offer up to now. Readers will get to see more of the work of journalists who know this city and the region as few others. We hope that each week our readers will feel that an old friend is giving them tips on the many hidden graces of Greece and things that are happening, as well as practical information on living and traveling here and dealing with difficulties. From island beaches to mainland peaks, from festivals to miserable migrant camps, from museums to the stock exchange, from boardrooms to soccer brawls, from book fairs to Parliament, our journalists know and love this country and are keen to share this knowledge with you. We know that we are undertaking a difficult task at a challenging time, given the rise of the Internet and the outstanding service that the Athens News has provided for many years. But we believe that there is no substitute for a newspaper which serves as our companion and guide through the day and week – and we want to produce that paper. Having the knowledge that our journalists have acquired over the years – and their desire to share that knowledge, to point out the good and expose the bad – makes us believe that you and we are embarking on a long journey. Seven days at a time.