August 11, 1958

KARAMANLIS-MACMILLAN: Official talks between Britain and Greece on the Cyprus issue have entered their second day and will be concluded this afternoon. By late last night there was still no indication of the outcome of the talks as no announcement had been made by either side and the talks continued in the utmost secrecy. The talks began in Athens a few days ago between British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and the government of Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis. It appears that the Greek government is seeking a constitution based on Cypriot self-rule. That is what the Greek-Cypriot people have requested, according to their representative, Archbishop Makarios. If the British insist on their own plan, the Greek government will only accept it on the condition that any references to a division of the island are removed. EOKA: A six-day truce by the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) ended today, but Cypriots believe it is unlikely that the group will resume its attacks on Britons and Turks tomorrow. Proclamations by EOKA say the organization reserves the right to resume the attacks tomorrow, if provocations by the British and Turks continue. ELLI ZOUROUDI: The Elli Zourouli Ballet will appear at Vouliagmeni Lake tomorrow at 8 p.m.