A state under siege

In the not-so-distant past, attacks on police stations occurred only in periods of unrest, when revolt against the state was the only outlet for people’s rancor. Today, attacks against the police force are common practice for every and any type of protest group; from those who do not want a landfill to be located near their homes, or those who seek to (unfortunately, with success) free traffic violators from the clutches of the law. The alarm bells are ringing, warning us of a demise in moral values. More importantly, it shows that society’s respect for the rule of law has sunk to a worrying low. Recent events on Corfu have also highlighted the sad fact that the Greek state is unable to enforce the law even at its very heart – its own police stations. The Greek state is under siege. Not from external enemies, but from the widespread lawlessness that permeates every sphere of Greek society. Acts of aggression against those whose job it is to protect, in defense of an individual’s «right» to blatantly disregard the law, show the people’s lack of faith in legislative justice. It is the final symptom of the collapse of order. Won’t anyone make some noise?