August 18, 1958

NEW PLAN FOR CYPRUS – Last Friday afternoon, the British government announced a new plan for Cyprus which it is determined to implement immediately. The plan is the same as that known as the «Macmillan plan,» which was rejected by the Greek government and the Cypriot Ethnarchy, with only a few minor changes, apart from a provision that grants the British governor the power to appoint monoethnic municipal councils, which would virtually divide the island along ethnic lines. Although no official announcement has yet been made, sources say the Greek government will also reject this new plan. A reply is to be sent to the British government as soon as certain proceedings are followed, such as the exchange of views between relevant ministers and diplomats, and upon the approval of the Cabinet, which is to meet to discuss the issue tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, Cypriot Ethnarch Archbishop Makarios has categorically rejected the plan in a letter to Cyprus Governor Sir Hugh Foot. The Greek government will not convene Parliament on the issue, since any decision will not be binding for the future of Cyprus.