Wind of change sparks hope

There is a wind of optimism and hope blowing from the other side of the Atlantic, despite the heavy clouds of the global financial crisis. The message of unity sent by the election of the new US president, Barack Obama, has electrified the masses, woken citizens from their stupor, inspired youth and spread the belief that with a unified effort they can not only improve the present, but also create a better future. This message has been heard loud and clear here in Greece as well, by the Greeks who are stumbling along without a compass, without goals, without cohesion and unity, apathetic and without drive, stripped of motivation by disappointment and cynicism. Obama’s message concerns us, not only because it will help us find a way out of the crisis, but because it allows us to look at ourselves without entertaining any illusions. Scientists, businessmen, intellectuals, laborers, the political leadership and ordinary citizens should pay heed to the message: We must chose whether we will be a society of We rather than I, of responsibility and progress, of positive thinking and innovation, rather than a society of quitters, a stagnant society.