Protest, fine, but within limits

The democratic system leaves plenty of room for those who want to protest but, for them to enjoy this privilege, they must also conduct their protests within the bounds of the laws of the land. Some time back, Kathimerini had published an article in which it addressed the dangers that can arise from the extreme and violent protest action that has been chosen by certain groups. These dangers become especially serious when government officials allow themselves to be swayed by such a form of pressure. The events that took place yesterday at the port of Piraeus – with farmers from Crete blocking the port with their tractors after having made the journey and lashing out against the police who kept them from making their way to Athens – along with protest action seen in other Greek cities, action that effectively suspended state functions by holding them hostage, show that we are experiencing a serious erosion in what is acceptable behavior as well as projecting an image that is not at all in keeping with that of a developed nation.