Political debate at a low ebb

The standard of political debate in this country has unfortunately sunk to a new, all-time low. In the past, political disagreements frequently arose over serious issues affecting the country, which were often eloquently argued by eminent, educated politicians. These days there are very few truly distinguished politicians in Parliament. Eloquence in public discourse has been replaced by the ravings of media celebrities, that is, politicians who have become famous «for being famous» – simply because of their frequent appearances on television talk shows – the notorious confusion of «windows» where half a dozen participants spread across the screen, each trying to shout down the other. Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that all of us are all paying for in one way or another, even though it can be quite amusing. The citizens of this country justifiably feel more like spectators of a second-rate political drama, instead of a serious debate about the major problems affecting their daily lives. So it is now high time for us citizens to reward deeds as opposed to words.