June 9, 1959

GEORGE GALLUP: George Gallup, the American pioneer of survey sampling techniques and the inventor, founder and one of the co-owners of the Gallup polling company, arrived yesterday in Athens. Gallup said that the purpose of his visit was to expand his institute’s research in Greece, where people are able to freely express their opinions. ILISSOS CLEANUP: The Public Works Ministry received a committee yesterday bearing a proposal to clean up the bed of what remains of the Ilissos River, from the old slaughterhouses to Faliron Bay and the sea. A member of the committee suggested deepening the riverbed to allow the seawater to reach up as far as the old abattoirs. FILOTHEI LAKE: Another suggestion has also been raised to construct an artificial lake, just a few hundred meters wide, in the northern Athens suburb of Filothei. However, it seems that many people in our country regard water as a great luxury. NATO: The head of NATO’s Allied Air Forces Southern Europe, Lt Gen Richard Clark Lindsay said in Athens yesterday that if the West were attacked, NATO was capable of making any aggressor regret its action within three days.