June 23, 1959

BRITISH BOOKS: British books are to be sent abroad in ever increasing numbers in order to confront communism and ignorance of the British way of life. Dr Charles Hill, the minister responsible for coordinating British information services, told the House of Commons that five methods will be used to further this goal. Firstly, talks will be held in several countries to reduce the restrictions on the importation of British publications. English-language books will be published in foreign countries and the British Council library services are to be expanded. Colonies will get more lending libraries, and British newspapers and magazines will receive support to boost sales in difficult markets. The budget for the distribution of British publications abroad next year will be about 500,000 pounds sterling. They will include scientific and technical journals and popularized versions of the classics and history. AMERICA-PAO 5-2: The first match was played last night between the Brazilian team America and Greek champions Panathinaikos. The guests won 5-2, although just four minutes before the end the score was 5-0.