June 30, 1959

YUGOSLAVIA-ALBANIA: Belgrade, 26 A Yugoslav Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that the leader of the Albanian Communist Party, Enver Hoxha, who recently launched fresh verbal attacks against Yugoslavia, has «created a Cold War climate in the Balkans, which is contrary to the efforts being made to improve relations between these countries in a way that favors peace in Europe.» The spokesman, who recalled that Hoxha had signed an accord with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev stating, among other things, that the Albanian government would in the future base its relations with Yugoslavia on mutual respect and noninterference in the other’s domestic affairs, expressed his government’s disappointment. GRIVAS’S POLITICAL MANIFESTO: A speech given by Cypriot General Georgios Grivas while accepting the post of honorary president of the Panhellenic Union of War Wounded 1940-41 has given rise to several comments. Both Greek politicians and foreign diplomatic observers have described the speech as a «political manifesto» which leaves no doubt that the general intends to become more involved in the country’s political life.