July 1, 1959

ELECTION OF HEINRICH LUEBKE: Berlin – The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) candidate Heinrich Luebke was elected president of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) today, winning 526 out of 1,030 votes in the second round of the election. The new president praised his predecessor and said the German nation’s main goal was to work toward a unified Germany, based on the principles of justice, peace and freedom. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer expressed his conviction that Luebke would follow in his predecessor’s footsteps. The reaction from East Germany took the form of a speech by the foreign minister at a party meeting, criticizing the election of West Germany’s president in West Berlin and saying this was a dangerous move only made under the protection of the occupation forces. YUGOSLAVIA-ALBANIA: Belgrade, June 26 – A Yugoslav Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that the leader of the Albanian Communist Party, Enver Hoxha, who recently launched fresh verbal attacks against Yugoslavia, has «created a cold war climate in the Balkans that is contrary to the efforts being made to improve relations between these countries.»