August 18, 1959

AVEROFF VS GRIVAS: Ioannina – Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff, speaking in Metsovo, northern Greece, made the following comment on inflammatory comments made by former National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) leader General Georgios Grivas: «I always listened to the opinions of Digenes [Ed. note: Grivas’s nom de guerre during the Cyprus struggle] with particular attention. However I am not interested in the opinions of Georgios Grivas… who now is the leader of a few of his old party chums. At the moment I am busy with more serious and interesting issues, together with the mayor of Metsovo and my beloved compatriots.» BEN HUR: New York – The big American movie studios are known for their preference for Technicolor biblical epics usually described as blockbusters. These films cost a fortune to make, but their commercial success is usually guaranteed. The old recipe used by Cecil B. DeMille is now being used by American movie industry’s other giants such as William Wyler, who is to film «Ben Hur,» from the novel by Lew Wallace. The new film will cost the outrageous amount of 8 million dollars and will be three hours, 50 minutes long. The title role will be played by Charlton Heston.