Need for substantial discussion

Televised political debates with the participation of Greece’s party leaders have in the past degenerated into a tedious and, truth be said, pretty much pointless affair. The fact is that the format and structure of the debates leave very little room for in-depth dialogue between the interlocutors or for a genuine clash, the like of which we have watched and enjoyed in other countries’ pre-election campaigns. Of course we must welcome the agreement yesterday between the leaders of the country’s biggest political parties, ruling New Democracy and the main opposition PASOK, to take part in a bilateral debate. Nevertheless, it would be even more positive if the two parties could go a step further and agree on measures to ensure a more liberal framework for the event. Such a move could pave the way for a more direct debate between the two main contenders for power. Perhaps then we would be able to watch a debate that is less a television spectacle and more a comprehensive and detailed discussion of the major problems that are plaguing the country.