Parliament needs fresh faces, ideas

Greece’s political system has clearly reached a deadlock. In its current state, it desperately needs new political personalities armed with fresh ideas to breathe new life into it. This fact is something that all voters must keep in mind as they head for voting centers across the country on Sunday to cast their ballots in favor of not just one of more than 20 parties that are running in this election but also in favor of specific candidates. Indeed on some tickets, voters will be able to choose up to four candidates from the same party. As we exercise our democratic right, we should not be sucked in by the established names we have become familiar with all these years or the media-savvy personalities whose faces have been burned into our collective memory. Given the crisis in which the country has become mired, some degree of risk in our choices is probably welcome. Parliament needs renewal. The continuous recycling of tired political hacks and ideas has clearly not brought any solutions to the country’s chronic problems.