October 5, 1959

LUNIK 3: London – Russia confirmed today that the Lunik 3 satellite would make an historic landing on the moon this afternoon, after having completed its first complete orbit of the Earth. The event is considered by many to be a truly historic landmark for humanity, as it confirms the convictions of scientists that it will soon be possible to send spacecraft out to explore space and to prepare for manned journeys to the stars. It has been demonstrated that suitable conditions can be maintained within a spacecraft that would enable the survival of human beings for predetermined amounts of time. GSEE TO KARAMANLIS: The General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) has sent a message to Prime Minister Constantinos Karamanlis congratulating him on his completion of four years as prime minister. In the message, GSEE urged Karamanlis to contribute to a resolution of the various problems currently facing the working class and put an end to the activities of agents of social unrest. GSEE says its leaders will continue to assist the government, in the belief that it is carrying out its mission to the full.