Staying on the same page

When a country is going through a deep financial crisis, as Greece is today, it is crucial for government officials to stay on the same wavelength at all times when it comes to anything regarding economic policy. When uncertainty looms over people’s livelihoods, you simply cannot have one official announcing a reduction in the age that people will become eligible for retirement when the rest of the government knows that this would be an impossible measure to implement. Double-talk on important issues can also cause a great deal of confusion and damage, as was recently the case with the announcements regarding the fate of Piraeus Port (OLP). When a government is trying to get to grips with a crisis of this magnitude, it is important for everyone, both those in the government as well as the rest of the population, to know exactly who has the authority to speak on which matters and who then has the jurisdiction to decide on policy. If the officials of a government do not remain consistently on the same page, we will see the same kind of snarls in communication that have frozen progress in important areas in the past.