We need direction and vision

The government and Prime Minister George Papandreou himself have been projecting a certain edginess over the last few days, a nervousness that implies that they are not at all sure in which direction the country should be steered next. Endless talk about reforms, the possibility of early parliamentary elections and the restructuring of the country’s debt has contributed significantly to negative sentiment on the markets and the climate of insecurity and uncertainty that prevails in society. The day immediately after this coming Sunday’s second round of local elections, Papandreou must be ready to meet the challenges ahead with a plan that will convince Greeks and the country’s international partners that he has a direction and an objective. No one is saying that the situation is easy, but if the prime minister chooses to continue absenting himself from Athens and allowing things to run their course outside his control, it is certain that the country’s finances and politics will quickly become completely derailed.