A sad day for higher education

Recently published rankings of the world’s top 200 universities by The Times of London are a stark reminder of the downward spiral that Greek tertiary education is on. Our universities today are nothing like they were back in the glory days of the Athens Polytechnic and other universities which had nothing to envy in similar educational institutions abroad. There are nevertheless those who don’t want anything to change. These people are mostly university professors and officials who belong to the extreme left and are trying to stop progress by blocking any efforts by their colleagues to initiate or even participate in a fruitful discussion on the future of Greek education. If these people have their way, they will kill the country’s last chance to bring its universities up to date and get them back into the international rankings. Their goal is to pour more oil on the fire of the unrest that pervades the country’s universities and to get the students out into the street en masse. The question is: Are we going to let them?