Going with the flow

The European Union is currently handling one of the most critical phases of its short life. The enlargement process and the move toward a common European constitution form the basis on which all EU nations will be summoned to cooperate. Understandably, Athens has focused all its efforts on Cyprus’s potential accession, as a successful outcome would fuel hopes of peace on the island. The long and fruitful cooperation between France and Germany within the EC is a good example of how even deeply ingrained prejudices can be overcome by mutual efforts within a common framework and toward a common goal. Of course, to achieve the effective operation of such a large organization – which the EU appears set to become shortly – the most crucial factor is the will for active participation. But however strenuous and heartfelt the efforts of the various nations to hitch their wagons to the future common body may be, there are no easy solutions. Every development will depend on the unshakeable will to promote a common goal. It will be a struggle. As a small country with little influence, Greece will have to put up many fights. But there is no reason to go against the flow. The current difficulties with Cyprus give a taste of what is to follow. No one is going to do us any favors. But there is no other way – unless we are willing to allow Washington to make our decisions from now on.

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