Athens University to offer its first English-language course


Education Minister Niki Kerameus on Wednesday heralded the first English-language undergraduate course by a Greek state university, a four-year Classics program to be offered by Athens University.

The course – a BA in Archaeology, History and Literature of Ancient Greece – will be offered by the university’s philosophy faculty, Kerameus said.

“I am very proud of [the university’s] initiative, which constitutes further proof that our universities can open up to international [students], overcoming inhibitions,” the minister said.

She added that Classics was the ideal topic to draw foreign students. “If not here, where? If not us, who?” she remarked, adding that the idea had been enthusiastically received during her recent visit to the US.

Athens University rector Thanos Dimopoulos, for his part, said the institution aimed to contribute to the “propagation of Greek culture” and the creation of stronger cultural ties with other countries.