Astypalea island opting for electric vehicles


German automaker Volkswagen, in cooperation with relevant Greek authorities, is to implement an ambitious program to replace all the vehicles on the Aegean island of Astypalea with electric ones.

According to Deputy Tourism Minister Manos Konsolas, the scheme will be piloted on the island to serve as an example for other parts of Greece, but also to advertise the country abroad.

He explained that Astypalea was chosen because of its unspoiled natural attractions and the fact that it does not have large hotels like other islands that have been impacted by rampant construction.

The program, whose details will reportedly be announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in November, foresees that Volkswagen will replace the municipal fleet (trucks, buses, etc.) and will install a number of charging stations.

It will also provide a very generous subsidy for locals to switch to electric-powered vehicles.