The Hellenic Initiative, a nonprofit organization founded “to support sustainable economic recovery” in Greece amid the financial crisis in 2021, raised $2 million at its night annual fundraising gala.


Material aimed at raising public awareness was distributed Thursday by staff of the Hellenic Police’s Domestic Violence Response Services on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.


Google is organizing its second Greek installment of an online event aimed at empowering women and other underrepresented groups by encouraging them to open up and take pride in their accomplishments.


Ambassador of Israel Yossi Amrani on Thursday night presented the Righteous Among the Nations medal and title of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel to Vasiliki and Dimitrios Kiakidis – posthumously – for rescuing Greek Jew Donna Rodrig during World War II. 

South African Ambassador to Greece Beryl Sisulu (l) and George Bizos’ granddaughter Sophia Bizos (r) unveil the plaque on the newly named George A. Bizos Square in Vasilitsi, in Messinia, on Sunday. The ceremony was attended by local government officials and several members of Bizos’ family. [Messinia Press]

A year after the death of Nelson Mandela’s friend and lawyer in South Africa, the main square of Vasilitsi, a village in Messinia in the southwestern Peloponnese, was named after George Α. Bizos on Sunday in a simple yet moving ceremony.


Actor, marathon-runner and activist, Agis Emmanouil has embarked on a 2,421km ultramarathon to help raise awareness for climate change and its devastating effects.


Greek forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, who last month led US basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks to their first NBA championship in half a century, has offered temporary accommodation to people affected by the devastating wildfires that have swept Greece over the last week.

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After having had his fill of mocking the Greeks and their young kingdom with abundant Gallic wit during his stay in Athens in 1852-4, the French journalist finds himself in a mountainous part of the Peloponnese.