Arseniadis to manage Iraklis volleyball team

Costas Arseniadis is the new coach of volleyball champion Iraklis, which has also agreed to an extension to the contract of their best player last season, Markus Nilsson. Iraklis is therefore returning to Greek coaches after a year’s intermission with Sweden’s Anders Christianson. Arseniadis, just 40 years old, is taking on a major club for the first time in his career. «Undoubtedly, the responsibility is great when you take over a team that is at the top. It is hard to keep it there and harder to take it even higher. Yet the target is clear when we speak of a club like Iraklis,» said Arseniadis, who excelled when coaching Pangrati. His career at Iraklis begins with a piece of very good news for the club: Last season’s most valuable player of the league, Markus Nilsson, returned his renewed signed contract to the Thessaloniki team, to stay at Iraklis for a third year in succession. «It is significant that the main players have remained at the team. We will wait to see what happens with the position of the outside hitter, as it is a key one and will determine how strong this team will be,» stated Arseniadis. Greece lineup Yesterday the federation announced the 12 players to travel to Slovakia for the first round of games for the European League. It is an extensively rejuvenated squad. Greece will play in Zilina on June 13-15, featuring setters Sotiris Tsergas and Nikos Angelopoulos, outside hitters Dimitris Djuric, Evgenios Gortsaniuk, Theoklitos Karypidis and Stelios Nikiforidis, central blockers Nikos Smaragdis, Nikos Karayiannis and Gerasimos Kanellos, opposites NIkos Roumeliotis (skipper) and Andreas Frangos and libero Achilleas Papadimitriou.