This week’s “Innovative Greeks” inaugural event concluded that the Greek startups ecosystem has evolved rapidly through the incentives and investment tools granted to investors and companies, according to sector representatives.


19.02.2021 / 17:28

Greek startups in the e-commerce sector have attracted the interest of major investors amid the pandemic, drawing significant funding or being acquired by Greek or foreign peers.

26.01.2021 / 23:00

Online retail platform Skroutz is investing in the so-called last-mile sector – the last leg of deliveries to the consumer – as on Tuesday it announced the acquisition of 100% of MyJobNow Delivery, which operates the SendX courier service.

25.01.2021 / 22:28

Pfizer’s investment in Thessaloniki is mainly an investment in human capital, says Nico Gariboldi, senior director at the pharmaceutical company’s Global Digital and Technology Hub.

12.01.2021 / 22:50

Greek startup Orfium has grown so much that it is now attracting the attention of foreign senior executives such as Universal Music Group’s former general counsel Richard Constant.

06.01.2021 / 19:48

Retail turnover posted a drop of some 15 billion euros last year, according to market professionals, who also estimate that the decrease in revenues over the holiday period came to about €1.5 billion, although that figure would have been even greater were it not for the click-and-collect system.

05.01.2021 / 20:48

Despite the ongoing health crisis, a number of enterprises are optimistic about what 2021 may hold.

30.12.2020 / 13:45

Adveos Microelectronic Systems, based in Aigio in the Peloponnese, has just been acquired by Chinese technology firm Beken Corporation for an amount said to reach $7.5 million (about 6.12 million euros).