While the need for Greece’s digital transformation and companies’ investments in technology have led to an explosion in demand for IT executives, the country does not employ enough workers in this sector


10.05.2023 / 18:06

Multinational companies, technology giants and foreign startups are descending on Greece, helping it reverse the brain drain of the 2010s.

03.05.2023 / 02:20

While Greece has picked up speed in terms of innovation and strengthening the technology sector, businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, still have a long way to go to boost their performance in this field, which is an obstacle for their further development.

27.04.2023 / 10:39

Mature Greek startups have taken on the role of buyer or investor in order to either enter new markets, strengthen their team (acqui-hiring) or add new technologies – a trend that has only recently expanded.

08.04.2023 / 18:33

The lack of previous experience, the competition and the skills (soft and hard ones) that companies look for are the biggest concerns of the new generation, which is trying to combine the passion for what they study with the needs as well as the high labor market requirements.

29.03.2023 / 22:00

Almost six out of every 10 Greek consumers state that they have been forced to eat into their savings, as the waves of price increases have shrunk their available monthly income.

15.03.2023 / 12:30

The smart agriculture “radar” of Volos-based Greek startup Augmenta is expected to travel around the world, following its acquisition by New York-listed CNH Industrial, the second largest tractor manufacturer in the world with a capitalization of around $20 billion.

20.02.2023 / 11:53

Greek flexible leasing startup Instacar has raised 55 million euros after speeding up its expansion into new markets and progressing its evolution into an application to supply all services related to car, from renting to servicing, changing tires, washing or even parking.

20.01.2023 / 22:06

The Transport Ministry has created an online database for imported used vehicles through a register of such vehicles in an effort to stop the phenomena of violations detected during customs clearance.

18.01.2023 / 18:31

Greek-owned startup Orfium is adding another tech company to its portfolio acquiring British-based Soundmouse, further expanding its services in the audiovisual industry.

27.12.2022 / 06:33

Greece’s information technology could face a shortage of up to 76,000 professionals by 2030, according to the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE).

23.12.2022 / 12:46

The total value of Greek startups is estimated at 8 billion euros, which is the second highest amount in the region of Southeastern Europe after Romania.