Finding technology and informatics experts is a tough task for many businesses, with the majority of companies having spent the last few years on a constant hunt for talent, especially now that artificial intelligence is increasing their needs even more.


11.07.2024 / 12:16

Greece’s food and drink industry remains the largest domestic manufacturing domain, as it was during the crisis.d

09.07.2024 / 11:34

With tourism growing and Greek consumers turning to products they didn’t use during the pandemic, the domestic cosmetics market appears to be gaining ground.

22.06.2024 / 17:05

The new managements of the Hellenic Railways Organization and Hellenic Train have been attempting a rapprochement that would allow them to address a series of problems with a modicum of consensus.

20.06.2024 / 23:01

Illegal boarding, or ticket dodging, remains ever present on Athens’ public transport, as there are currently only 38 inspectors for the entire Attica region. 

14.06.2024 / 21:40

Tenders with gray areas, problematic procedures that lead to delays, contracts that run up against the Court of Auditors, bodies that do not plan their needs in time, even when they have been known for years, are taking a toll on the daily life of citizens.

12.06.2024 / 21:16

In just one month Greek-owned startups have raised more than $60 million, taking the sum since the start of the year to over $214 million, according to data gathered by Marathon Venture Capital.

06.06.2024 / 19:52

The NATO Innovation Fund is investing in Greek startup iCOMAT, which makes lighter and more efficient components for spacecraft, aircraft and even Formula 1 cars.

03.06.2024 / 16:52

One hundred recycling bins made from espresso coffee residues, each with a capacity of 70 liters and designated for different uses (glass, aluminum, paper, plastic), are expected to be placed soon in dining establishments and shopping centers in Athens and Patra, in western Greece. This initiative aims to reuse some of […]

30.05.2024 / 21:28

Anarchically parked tourist buses in some of the most central parts of Athens are a major cause of traffic bottlenecks during the summer, making an already bad situation even more unbearable.