26.04.2023 / 10:29

If Athens’ population is estimated at roughly 4 million today, back in ancient times, Attica as a whole was home to just 300,000 to 400,000 people, the majority of whom resided in the valley around the Acropolis and the Agora, the center of political, social and commercial activity.

04.08.2022 / 19:02

Athens University archaeology professor and president of the Committee for the Preservation of Epidaurus Monuments Vassilis Lambrinoudakis had long wanted to do something special on the subject of Asclepieian sanctuaries. Epidaurus, where he directs ongoing excavations, is, after all, home to the most famous of these ancient places of healing.

20.08.2021 / 12:45

“I’ve never participated in a more difficult excavation,” exclaimed Dr Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki over the telephone, referring to this year’s research at Zominthos on the island of Crete.

26.05.2021 / 23:00

The bicentennial of the Greek Revolution is being marked with a plethora of exhibitions and events, some of which are also dedicated to the sartorial side of developments and the symbolism of traditional dress.

20.03.2021 / 04:21

Drone footage released last April of mass graves being dug for thousands of victims of the novel coronavirus in New York shocked the world, but the area of Hart Island, east of the Bronx, has been used as a burial site since 1869 for the unclaimed and the indigent, as well as in the early 1980s for some of the earliest victims of AIDS and in 2008 during an influenza epidemic in the American metropolis.

21.02.2021 / 12:22

While their country faced a deep financial crisis from early 2009 to late 2018, an increasing number of Greek historians started seeking out the truths buried in their history and the milestone that is the 1821 Greek War of Independence.

07.02.2021 / 19:17

Visiting archaeological museums, we are often moved by the idea of the work that went into discovering so many artifacts and bringing them to light, but rarely do we go to the trouble to learn about what happened after that, how these treasures were salvaged and restored, and by whom.

04.01.2021 / 18:22

Excavations carried out in 2020 uncovered all sorts of exciting surprises, despite the challenges of the health crisis, which required stringent safety measures and resulted in fewer hands in the field, especially archaeology students and volunteers from abroad.

30.12.2020 / 18:28

The broader vicinity of Tenea in southern Corinth has always been of interest to archaeologists, but also to antiquities smugglers. 

28.11.2020 / 15:25

Visitors to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus in the eastern Peloponnese are increasingly fascinated by the treasures being unearthed in excavations of the assembly of monuments comprising the Sanctuary of Asclepius.