Providing medical equipment for hospitals in Argos, Galatas, Ioannina, Kastoria and Kythira, and access to medical services for more than 3,000 people, helping hundreds of homeless people in Attica and ensuring that many impoverished households get food are but some of the benefits from the work being done by The Hellenic Initiative (THI) Australia.

12.04.2021 / 15:10

On Friday, June 10, 1921, anxious cries disturbed the peace in the spacious rooms and beautiful gardens of the palace of Mon Repo in Corfu. Princess Alice and Prince Andrew, members of the Greek and Danish royal families, were expecting their fifth child. Later that evening, Margarita, Theodora, Cecilia and Sofia welcomed their brother, Philip.

10.04.2020 / 13:19

A nationwide campaign has been launched to highlight the needs of the disabled who are stranded at home, to record the problems they face and will continue to as long as the pandemic lasts, and to provide assistance to them.

14.08.2019 / 14:20

The fascinating life story of Theoharis Theoharides, director of Health Science Programs and Research at Deree – The American College of Greece.

13.08.2018 / 21:40

A colorful and joyful gaggle of 31 kids head down a narrow footpath to an excavation site at Ancient Corinth. They are all carrying backpacks and wearing identical green hats to protect them from the hot sun.