Coronavirus tops news searches on Google in Greece


Google’s roundup of the year’s most searched terms is out and unsurprisingly shows that the coronavirus was the top news topic of the last 12 months.

The findings are the result of Google’s Year In Search, which also provides statistics on individual categories ranging from news and sporting events to recipes and dead celebrities.

E-class, Greece’s online education platform, was the most searched for term for 2020, while the daily number of Covid-19 infections was second on the list, leaving coronavirus in third place.

Coronavirus was top in the news category, followed by the US elections, Hagia Sophia and Evros.

Donald Trump was beaten to top spot of this year's celebrities by Sotiris Tsiodras and Nikos Hardalias, while Kobe Bryant, Kostas Voutsas and Diego Maradona topped the dead celebrities list.

Recipes for bread, tsoureki, shrimp spaghetti, pancakes, papoutsakia and magiritsa were the most popular lockdown searches, as Dalgona coffee was the most viral lockdown beverage.