Much has been written about America’s involvement in Greek and Turkish politics. Historians, analysts and ordinary citizens have attempted to decode its actions, with documents, letters and minutes revealing little-known aspects of history.

14.06.2021 / 21:09

The repeated requests for the charges faced by fire brigade and civil protection officials over their management of the deadly fire in Mati in 2018 to be upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies have received a fresh boost with an Athens prosecutor’s call for audio recordings including threats by ex-fire chief Vassilis Mattheopoulos against investigator Dimitris Liotsios to be introduced in the court case.

19.03.2021 / 10:54

While trying to escape the flames, clinging on to the trunk of a car, Brian’s clothes caught fire, he lost his grip and was gone. Earlier, he had managed to save the life of four children.

18.02.2021 / 10:37

Archaeologist Angelos Zarkadas began investigating the secretive repatriation of a looted ancient statue after reading about the case in an old Kathimerini report.

29.12.2020 / 18:16

The idea for the digital meeting came from the pandemic, as the organizers felt the need for positive and inspiring paradigms in the midst of this general feeling of pessimism.

19.07.2020 / 13:01

Two years after the deadly July 23, 2018, wildfires in eastern Attica, Kathimerini presents evidence pointing to an effort by officials under the leftist-led government at the time to cover up the gross mishandling of an incident that cost more than 100 lives and resulted in devastating losses in the seaside town of Mati and other affected areas.

10.05.2020 / 15:49

It was a Sunday night a few weeks back and Marianna Theodoropoulou kept looking at her watch. She was determined to be on her balcony at 9 p.m. sharp to applaud the country’s hospital doctors and nurses battling the coronavirus crisis.

30.05.2019 / 21:10

The phone rang at the Avlona juvenile detention facility, north of Athens, on Friday, July 24, 2015, with the announcement from a high-ranking Justice Ministry official that Koufodinas was going to be transferred there. “Koufodinas who?” inquired the perturbed clerk. “The one you’re thinking about.”