Scattered in every Greek city are the remnants of buildings used to house refugees following the Asia Minor Campaign and the subsequent population exchange in 1923.

13.12.2021 / 11:00

In the great post-war map of the Cold War, the issue of the archives of Jewish communities that had been looted by Nazi occupying forces across Europe remained a murky affair.

02.12.2021 / 17:25

In almost any other city, the area in downtown Athens known as “Hafteia” – the junction of Stadiou, Aeolou and Panepistimiou streets leading into Omonia Square that is colloquially named after a popular coffee roastery and cafe that once stood there – would be a jewel in its crown.

27.11.2021 / 13:09

A string of unexpected events have changed Athens in the 21st century, from the economic crisis in 2008 to the pandemic in 2020, and from its new human geography and the redistribution of its population around the suburbs to the tourism rebound.

08.10.2021 / 19:42

“Symbols & Iconic Ruins” poses a string of enduring and complex questions. The multifaceted group show, on display at the National Museum of Contemporary Art’s temporary exhibition hall, comprises art, architectural propositions and, most importantly, philosophical musings on the power, interpretations, versions and associative sequences of symbols. Evolving through 137 works by artists, architects and […]

27.08.2021 / 21:15

To every reasonable observer out there, our world seems all the more incomprehensible. This is one of the biggest problems of our day.

30.07.2021 / 21:18

What we understand by the term middle class today most probably belongs to the previous century.

18.06.2021 / 19:45

Tall as a five-story apartment building and stretching across the equivalent of two city blocks, the Monument of Zalongo is a spectacular piece crowning the clifftop of Mount Zalongo in Epirus, northwestern Greece.

22.01.2021 / 18:35

The Rhodes Museum of Modern Greek Art’s recent relaunch has put the spotlight on what is arguably one of the best collections of its kind in the country. 

15.01.2021 / 16:53

It’s not just the country’s retail sector that has shut down because of the coronavirus outbreak, but also the museums. However, one cannot help but notice the relative indifference shown by the political class, the media and the public about the latter.

04.12.2020 / 14:30

A man of action rather than words, of simple ways and profound intellectual powers, John Travlos (1908-1985) was an archaeologist’s architect, with the ability to envision the whole from a fragment. 

02.10.2020 / 15:37

The new lighting of the Acropolis reminds us of some basic truths. First and foremost, that the monuments on the sacred hill define and shape the notion of Athens.

20.06.2020 / 23:44

Among the many promising aspects of the Antonis Tritsis development program unveiled by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday is a plan to develop the country’s stock of buildings.