Agreeing to the term for the sake of convenience, no matter how much it may irk certain circles, Greece is a “brand” with a solid international reputation.


05.12.2022 / 08:08

Athens’ future as an attractive and sustainable city will depend, no doubt, on a variety of factors – some constant, some impossible to predict. One of its biggest challenges, however, lies in attracting new residents back into its most central neighborhoods; the sailing appears to be anything but smooth, and obstacles – big and small – abound.

22.11.2022 / 22:23

Coming out of the Poreia Theater in downtown Athens and still under the spell of the excellent production of Ibsen’s “Dollhouse” directed by Dimitris Tarlow, I felt like making the walk to the nearest metro station. It was just after 9.30 p.m. (it was an afternoon performance) and the first few minutes of my stroll […]

05.08.2022 / 21:35

Among all the good and positive things that have been done to improve the country’s major gateways, making them more efficient and more attractive, the port of Piraeus continues to stand as a glaring exception.

20.07.2022 / 21:22

Beyond personal opinions, beyond individual life choices, beyond the wonderful condition of being complex, contradictory and fluid beings, it seems that in our times, what is important is the banner that we will hasten to unfurl and the camp that we will choose to support on a whim.

18.07.2022 / 10:36

Amid the controversy over the remodeling of Eleftherias (Freedom) Square in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, Giorgos Ioannou’s short story “The Elimination of the Jews,” from the collection “Our Own Blood” (Kedros Editions, 1980), is a must.

06.06.2022 / 11:36

Many wonder whether all the new investments in downtown Athens’ Omonia Square – those that have been completed and those yet to come – will have a beneficial impact on the area as a whole.

18.04.2022 / 12:40

The exhibition “Hippos: The Horse in Ancient Athens” is a gift to us all. Housed in the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), the archaeological exhibition is one of high aesthetics, precision, economy and unexpected twists.

10.01.2022 / 17:19

Scattered in every Greek city are the remnants of buildings used to house refugees following the Asia Minor Campaign and the subsequent population exchange in 1923.