Immersive group exhibition at The Foundry Suites

Immersive group exhibition at The Foundry Suites

The enchanting premises of The Foundry Suites Athens come alive with the immersive group exhibition “Transformations: Gaia & Chthonia,” which sets out to capture the duality inherent in the building, the dance between its natural and industrial components. Inspired by philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s penetrating exploration of Gaia and Chthonia, investigating the relationship between the living, self-regulating Earth and the primordial subterranean aspects of existence, the featured artists create a bridge that transcends the apparent dichotomy, revealing a coexistence within the very fabric of the space. The showcased artworks, diverse in mediums, find a common thread in their mystical interpretations of the Earth and its profound depths. The venue is representative of the remarkable communication between the natural and industrial, its distinctive features serve as a poignant backdrop for the group show.

As visitors step into the exhibition they are surrounded by sculptures by Dimitris Tampakis, Despina Charitonidi and Panos Profitis, and, on the staircase, come face to face with a striking painting by Ioanna Limniou, where vibrant colors and self-crafted framing come together. Ascending the stairs, one encounters two works by Vasilis Galanis. The artist shared that “these works are part of a series that I have been working on since the summer of 2022 that are all AI-inspired. I work with the DALL-E, which is a text-to-image program.” The artist then allows himself to be inspired by the works produced by the AI and intertwines them with his own artistic style. “I insert words into the program that are not easily translated into an image, different notions, from history or the history of art for example.”

‘I wanted to develop a discussion between the paintings themselves as well as the building, for there to be an interlacing’

Facing the drawings is a sculpture by Georgios Papageorgiou. “The sculpture is conversing with the drawings because it’s as if it came out of the jungle,” says Theodora Koumoundourou, explaining that the project marks her debut as a curator, and thus “I wanted to develop a discussion between the paintings themselves as well as the building, for there to be an interlacing.” In the corridor are artworks by Valentina Bartolini, her designs being conscious attempts at crossings and openings, investigating the liminal.

Stepping onto the terrace upstairs, visitors find themselves surrounded by nature, complemented by a delightful rooftop bar/restaurant that harmonizes with the remaining art pieces subtly camouflaged amidst the wheat and flowers. Two sculptures complete the exhibition’s journey: One is by Dimitris Tampakis, its flexible design unconstrained by conventional placement. The other is by Despina Charitonidi, seamlessly blending into the garden, reflecting on ideas of the seen and unseen, the natural and artificial.

With its rich tapestry of artistic expressions, the exhibition encapsulates the essence of the building itself. The diverse artworks on display weave a mystical narrative, offering a glimpse into the profound depths of the Earth. Each artwork speaks its own language and yet is in constant dialogue with its surroundings.

The exhibition at The Foundry Suites Athens (40 Sarri), tel 6908.688.004, is set to continue until the end of September.

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