Yiannis Moralis retrospective at the Goulandris Museum on Andros

his summer, the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art on Andros will host a striking retrospective on artist Yiannis Moralis. The tribute, which opens on June 28 and runs to September 28, will showcase all of the artist’s creativity, which covers several decades. Aged 92, Moralis remains highly productive as he demonstrated in his most recent solo exhibition at the Zoumboulakis Gallery in 2006. The exhibition will feature oil paintings, drawings and sculptures which Moralis has selected and which come from both public and private collections. It will be displayed in a way that will enable visitors to follow the artist’s career and impressively dense works chronologically. Moralis was born in Arta, western Greece, in 1916. He moved permanently to Athens in 1927. Along with his father, he started attending the Sunday classes at the School of Fine Arts and then enrolled in the school’s preparatory classes in 1931, when he was just 15. He studied under teacher Dimitrios Geraniotis with fellow-students artists Yiannis Tsarouchis, Christos Kapralos and Nikos Nikolaou, who then became his friends. Later he studied with Constantinos Parthenis for two months and then with Umbertos Argyros and printmaker Yiannis Kefallinos. His long career has marked him as one of the top representatives of the so-called Thirties Generation, whose work displayed a profound love for Greekness.