Saturday 15/6

FILM: Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms A soldier participating in a military operation decides to unveil the illegal actions of his superiors. Adventure featuring Burt Reynolds, Matt Battaglia, Chandra West, Jeff Wincott and Gary Busey. (Star-21.00) FILM: Everybody’s All American When a football player and a very beautiful woman finish college and face real life, they face an unbeatable enemy: time. Romantic drama starring Dennis Quaid, Jessica Lange, Timothy Hutton and John Goodman. (NET-22.00) FILM: Crimes of Passion The life of an unhappily married man is turned upside down by an attractive designer who represents the freedom and passion he lacks. Romantic drama featuring Kathleen Turner, Anthony Hopkins and John Laughlin. (NET-0.15) FILM: Paradise A couple who have lost their son find joy in a 10-year-old boy who comes to their house on vacation. Social adventure starring Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Elijah Wood, Thora Birch, Eve Gordon and Louise Latham. (Mega-0.30)