Impressive musical program in Nafplion’s annual festival

With 10 solid years behind it, the Nafplion Festival is preparing for its most exciting musical feast to date. Mayor Constantinos Charamis and the festival’s artistic director Yiannis Vakarelis announced an impressive events list recently. The Nafplion Festival starts on Friday (running to June 30), featuring, among others, the piano duo Katia and Marielle Labeque – Katia Labeque will also perform for the first time with violinst Viktoria Mullova – as well as a collaborative effort by pianists Houssein Sermet and Cyprien Katsaris, who will be performing with the Medici Quartet. Also on the program is a concert with Giorgos Dalaras as well as an opera gala conducted by Nikos Tsouchlos, featuring soloists Fernando Portari, Marina Fideli and Marina Voulogianni. For more information on the Nafplion Festival, visit