Interval | Athens | Until February 2022


Seeking to breathe new life into its building following a radical renovation, the Goethe Institute in Athens invited Elena Papadopoulou and Maya Tounta to curate the space and create an exhibition in support of the creative scene in Greece during the difficult pandemic period.

The “Interval” exhibition features artists who live in Greece, whether it is older work being made available to the public for the first time or new pieces that can be interpreted in a different way in their constant dialogue with the building’s interior design.

The exhibition is spread over two floors of the building and creates distinct temporal and spatial areas. A crucial philosophy of the exhibition was to ensure that art pieces become part of the daily life of the building, even as a background to video conferences.

Goethe Institute, 14-16 Omirou,
tel 210.366.1000, goethe.de