Mitsotakis: 70,000 new gas customers in northern Greece by 2025


About 70,000 consumers in 34 cities and towns in northern Greece will be able to save able over 25% on their heating bills by 2025 thanks to an “ambitious” gas distribution project, the prime minister has said. 

Kyriakos Mitsotakis was speaking an event organized by the Public Gas Distribution Networks (DEDA) on the expansion of the gas distribution to the region’s five prefectural capitals of Drama, Evros, Kavala, Rhodopi, Thassos and Xanthi.

In the first stage of the project, Mitsotakis said, these six cities would be connected by 500km of gas pipeline, which would incorporate the country’s border areas into the state’s national energy policy.

Describing DEDA’s five-year plan as “the largest gas distribution project in Europe,” Mitsotakis said that it “will eventually link another 34 cities, providing energy to 70,000 consumers [by 2025], and possibly over 200,000 by the 2036.” 

The project would create nearly 6,000 new jobs and boost local economies, the prime minister said.