Shipowner George Prokopiou named highest bidder for Skaramangas shipyard


A double tender for the sale of Hellenic Shipyards SA, the country’s biggest shipyard, in the western Attica port town of Skaramangas, concluded on Wednesday with shipowner George Prokopiou named the highest bidder.

According to well-informed sources, Prokopiou entered a bid of 37.3 million euros to acquire the plot being sold Hellenic Public Properties Company (ETAD), outbidding Pyletech, which is owned by Theofilos Priovolos.

Prokopiou also bid 25.2 million euros for the second part of the 700,000-square meter shipyard that is controlled by the company’s special administrator, above Pyletech’s offer of 22.1 million euros.