Tax base to drop to levels last seen in early 2000s


The sum of the declared incomes of Greece’s 8.9 million taxpayers is expected to fall even below 72-73 billion euros this year, which is probably the lowest level since the country entered the eurozone and also means a reduction in state revenues.

The figures echo those recorded before the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, which means that the tax base – at least in terms of individuals – will be at levels similar to 15-17 years ago.

The drop in income is attributed to the adverse impact on taxpayers of the pandemic, which compounded the preceding 10-year economic crisis.

​​​​​​The declared income compared to that in 2010-11 (revenues from 2009-10) will drop from 104 billion euros to €72-73 billion – a loss of around €31-33 billion. Getting back to the €100-billion level is one of the central goals of economic policy through 2025.