Retail sales period worse than in 2020


The retail sales period, lasting from mid-July to end-August, did not bring the desired results, as turnover is set to be lower than during the same period in 2020, despite the sales lasting a week longer.

A survey of the retailers’ research institute shows 44% of respondents saying sales were lower than during 2020 and 34% replying they were higher. In 2020, 81% had reported sales were lower than during the pre-pandemic 2019 sales and only 2% had seen sales rise.

Even when sales rose, they did so only slightly. Of the 34% who reported higher sales, 34% replied they rose 1-10% and 29% said they were 11-20% higher. Of the 44% that said sales dropped, 35% said they dropped 11-20%.

There are some segments of retail that outperformed, including clothing and shoe stores. Also, retailers in tourist areas did better than those in Athens. So did those in northern Greece.