Bill will put PM statements in legislation


During this week the government will table in Parliament a draft law that includes the announcements made by the prime minister in Thessaloniki on September 11-12.

The bill will contain clauses on the expansion of the reduced value-added tax on transport, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks, on cinema tickets and the tourism package until June 2022, as well as the reduction of the VAT rate on gyms and dance schools from 24% to 13% from October 1 to June 2022.

Other clauses will concern the suspension of the pay-TV levy until June and the halving of the capital concentration tax as of October 1 that has a fiscal cost of 18 million euros per annum.

The draft law will further increase the sum going toward the heating subsidy by another €17 million and the subsidy for the October-December 2021 period of electricity bills for the entire population, so as to offset the expected power rate hikes by up to 9 euros per month. The subsidy will specifically concern low-voltage supplies, offering a rate of 30 euros per megawatt-hour for the first 300 kilowatt-hours of consumption.

Another regulation is set to bring down to zero the tax on parental concessions and donations up to the amount of €800,000.