New system has brought in more revenues from road tax

The Finance Ministry announced on Monday it had cashed in about 1.13 billion euros from the 2013 road tax payment by January 8, up from 1.08 billion euros at the same time last year, despite the reduction in the number of cars on the country’s roads, which has resulted in many owners handing in their registration plates.

Given that the level of the tax remained the same as a year ago, the figures illustrate that the change from written notices to electronic statements had such a high acceptance rate that it did not affect the revenues, while saving 500,000 working hours.

Furthermore, ending the process for the printing and transfer of road tax stamps to banks has saved the state about 15 million euros.

A respectable 7 percent of payments was conducted through the banks’ alternative networks, reducing the trouble citizens go to when having to pay at bank branches or tax offices. One million payments that had last year been made at tax offices have this year been conducted through banks and post offices.