Competitive rates at Greek hotels in May


Greece is one of the cheaper holiday options for most Europeans, as accommodation rates here are currently lower than in their own countries, according to data compiled by the Trivago travel website.

Greek hoteliers have kept rates relatively low this year in a bid to boost bookings at their units. Trivago statistics show that the average online price for a double room in Greece stands at 91 euros per night this month, compared with 90 euros/night a year ago. Among 24 European destinations Greece is the eighth cheapest, just behind Cyprus, where rates average at 88 euros/night.

When it comes to city breaks, hoteliers in Athens continue to offer competitive rates this month: Trivago data reveal that the average price comes to 111 euros/night in the Greek capital, just up on last May’s 110 euros/night rate. Istanbul has the lowest average hotel rates at 56 euros/night, as hoteliers there battle the problems faced by Turkey as a destination.

Meanwhile official figures showed that the number of foreign arrivals at Athens International Airport posted a 7.3 percent year-on-year increase in the first four months of the year.